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General Booking conditions


Aware that in high mountain is difficult to plan everything, we understand the need to postpone or cancel a reservation. Nevertheless, we ask you to inform us of any delays, cancellations and route changes in good time following the general conditions.

  1. Bookings, both verbal and written, are commitment for Rifugio and guests.
  2. Bookings come into force upon confirmation of booking by the Refuge and, if requested, upon receipt of deposit.
  3. Cancellations, changes to group sizes and reservations must be reported by the guest at least 5 days before the day of arrival in summer season (7 days before in spring season). Any cancellation or changes that are not reported or reported late, entitles the Refuge to retain the deposit (Regolamento CAI Circ.12/2013).
  4. Nevertheless, in exception to the Regulations, we wish to offer:
    a) cancellation up to 3 days before the expected day of arrival
    opportunity to profit of the deposit for the entire season or the next
    b) cancellation up to the expected day of arrival
    reimburse of deposit provide it was integrated by the insurance CAUZIONE PROTETTA
  5. Cancellations and changes are accepted after written or telephone confirmation from Rifugio.
  6. In case of impossibility of opening the Refuge due to force majeure (COVID, risk of avalanches, etc.) we will promptly notify the booked guests and the deposit will be renewed for the entire current season and the next.
  7. All prices are calculated for cash, POS, credit card. When paying with cheque a bank commission of Euro 8,00 will be charged.
  8. Dogs are welcome but can enter the hall only if they do not cause inconvenience to other guests. In any case, animals are not allowed in rooms and they can sleep on a carpet provided in the entrance. We can also accommodate dogs and owners together in the museum/old-hut
  9. All written and verbal information (e.g. on route conditions, avalanche situation, route information, weather, etc.) is provided by the Rifugio with the best possible care and to the best of its knowledge. However, the Rifugio shall not assume any liability for it. All decisions regarding tours, routes, etc. shall be the responsibility of the guest. Any liability of the Rifugio for damages of any kind which may be suffered by the guest as a result of using this information and guidance shall be excluded
  10. The use of climbing routes and all alpine paths shall be the sole responsibility of mountaineers and trekkers. Any liability of the Rifugio shall be excluded.
  11. Details of guests are required only for administrative, contact and rescue purpose. Rifugio Gastaldi will not share data of guests
  12. Any claim should be submitted directly to the manager of Rifugio and, if the answer is unsatisfactory, it could be forwarded to CAI Sezione di Torino

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