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All peaks surrounding Rifugio Gastaldi become fascinating attraction in spring for those who search wide and wild spaces away from the “mass” ski mountaineering.
High altitude allows you to ski on these slopes, passes and couloirs safely until May / June.
Those who can spend several days, could to link different peaks and carry out raids of various commitment across the border.
These are simple proposals and we invite you to search more information through specialized literature and weather forecasts.

Punta Adami31665502,00SEBS
Punta Maria33028002,30E/NOBSA
Albaron di Savoia363711005,00SE/NEBSA
Monte Collerin34759503,00SE/NEBS

Punta Maria 3302 m

Quota: 3302 m Dislivello: 800 m Tempo: 2 h e 30 min Esposizione: E/NO Difficoltà: BSA Vista dal rifugio è un richiamo irresistibile con la sua

Punta Adami 3166 m

Quota: 3166 m Dislivello: 550 m Tempo: 2 h e 00 min Esposizione: SE Difficoltà: BS Splendido balcone panoramico fra le cime e i ghiacciai che